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Simple Water Conservation Tips to follow so you can help in conserving our water resources.

The Basics

    • Check for leaks within your water piping system regularly and have them repaired immediately.
    • You can also report leaking pipes to the Baguio Water District

dripping water



    • Use a basin when washing vegetables, fruits and other foods.
    • Avoid thawing frozen food under running tap water; bring out frozen food from the freezer/refrigerator hours before cooking.



Taking showers and flushing the toilet

    • Take short showers or you can also use a pail or "batya" instead of shower.



Doing Laundry

    • Use basins and avoid overflow of water when laundering with hands.
    • Use washing machines with full load only and use only as needed.
    • Reuse laundry water for flushing toilets, washing cars or gardening



Washing hands, face and hair

    • Use a wash basin, dipper or pail



Brushing your teeth and Shaving

    • Use a glass when brushing your teeth, also when rinsing your razor.



Rain Water Harvesting

    • You can use ordinary asphalt drums in doing so