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Vision:  The Baguio Water District envisions to be a model water agency.

Mission: To provide adequate and potable water at affordable rates to all consumers

Strategic Goals

    • Adequate and potable water supply to all customers at affordable rates
    • Financial viability with social responsibility
    • Efficient and effective organization with empowered,committed, and trustworthy employees
    • Complete Customer Satisfaction
    • Watershed and Environment Leadership

Effective May 23, 2016, the Baguio Water District has revised and simplified the consumer classification for a more equitable billing scheme such that identical or analogous establishments or premises are lumped together while some establishments are differentiated as to the usage of water.

Consumer ClassificationParticulars
Residential A (12A-18A)
  • One family in one house
  • Condominium / Apartment units with individual water meters
  • Individual metered units with main meter
  • Vacation houses
Residential B (12B-18B)
  • Up to three (3) families in one house utilizing one (1) water meter
  • Residential house that accepts no more than five (5) boarders
  • Sari-sari stores
  • Church / Convent / Monastery
Residential C (12C-14C)
  • Single family in one (1) house inside subdivision
Residential D (12D-18D)
  • Up to three families in one (1) house inside subdivision
Government A (22A-28A)
  • National Government cottages
Government B (22B-28B)
  • Under City Government of Baguio
Commarcial A (32A-38A)
  • Apartelle / Apartment / Condominium / Hotel / Inn / Motel / Transient house/Dormitory
  • Food establishments or business
  • Bar/ Night club / Disco house/ Videoke / Karaoke bars
  • Barber shop / Beauty or massage parlor
  • Water refilling/ delivery services
  • Billiard hall, convenience store, market stalls or internet shop with food service
  • Spa/wellness/fitness center/ fitness gym
  • Gas station
  • Call Center
  • Hollow block factory
  • Country club
  • Funeral homes
  • Orchidarium or plant business
  • Ice plant
  • Laundry business
  • Private schools / Hospitals / Gymnasium
  • Piggeries or poultries with more than 25 chicks/ens or 10 pigs/lets
  • Automotive / Car / motorcycle service or business
  • Bus / Van / Jeepney terminal / depot
  • Main meter supplying six (6) or more sub-meters
  • Residential compounds with one common meter supplying three (3) or more houses
Commarcial B (32B-38B)
  • Residential houses with six (6) or more boarders
  • Residential house with four (4) or more families utilizing one (1) water meter
  • Residential houses with piggeries of not more than 10 pigs/lets, poultry of not more than 25 chicks/ens
  • Government buildings used for commercial purposes such as Teachers Camp, convention centers; or for rent/transients
  • Government hospitals and schools
  • Residential units or houses whose occupants vary like staff houses
  • One water meter suppling two (2) houses
  • Billiard hall, convenience store, or internet shop without food service
  • Appliance store
  • Building / House under construction or renovation / Temporary connections
  • Hardware/construction/ aggregates
  • Movie theater
  • Dry goods business / General Merchandise
  • Dental clinic/medical clinic/ medical laboratory
  • Dress shop/tailoring shop
  • Buildings with main meter suppling up to five (5) meters
  • Pawnshop
  • Photoshop/studio/video shop
  • Warehouse/bodega
  • Shoe repair shop
  • Retirement home
  • Junk shop
  • Iron works/wood works
  • Main meter supplying up to five (5) sub-meters
  • Market stalls without eatery
  • Malls
Commercial C(32C-34C)
  • Refer to Commercial B classification inside subdivision
  • Four (4) or more families utilizing one (1) water meter inside subdivision
Commercial D(32C-34C)
  • Commercial establishment with private deepwell
Water Hauling Rate (42A)
  • Water Delivery Services