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Commercial Division

1.Water Service Connection Application Orientation-Seminar - Prior to processing of any application for a service connection, attending the Orientation-Seminar is required. The systems and procedures, fees and requirements are some of the basic requirements given during the orientation.



2.Massive Water Meter Calibration Program(MWMCP) - Aimed at protecting both the Baguio Water District and its consumers to ensure efficient and accurate water meter registration based on consumer's actual consumption. Conducted to minimize unaccounted - for water - system loss, unmetered usage, inaccurate meters. As of December 31,2014 a total of 8,743 water meters or 23.25% out of the total 37,599 active connections have been pulled out and tested. Defective water meters are replaced with refurbished water meters assembled by the District's Non Revenue Water Division



3.Standardization/Rectification Program - Combined with the MWMCP, to assist in the deferment of stolen water meters. The District adopted a comprehensive design of its standpipe to cope with the improvement of its distribution system. Includes proper alignment of water meters, installation/replacement of appurtenances such as gate valve and check valve.