*AS OF December 31,2016

BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 38 Carantes Street, Diego Silang Street, Lower Session Road
2 19 Calderon Street, Harrison Road
3 28 General Luna ,Jacinto St., Perfecto St.
4 24 General Luna Road, Upper Mabini St.
5 54 Assumption Road, Session Road (Right), Upper Mabini St.
6 128 Athletic Bowl, Burnham Park, Diego Silang St., Harrison Road ,Governor Pack Road, Session Road, Session Road (Left), Skating Rink
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 176 DPS Compound, Upper Session Road Extension
2 162 Marcoville, PNR Compound, Utility Road
3 219 Forestry Compound, Lower Engineer’s Hill
4 255 North Drive, Upper Engineer’s Hill
5 182 Jungletown, Salud Mitra Barangay, Valenzuela St.
6 122 Bagumbayan St., Happy Glenn Loop, Leonardwood Road, Post Office Loop, Sandico St., Tecson St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 162 Green Water Village, Loakan Road, Military Cut Off, Wagner Road Woodstown
2 212 Hillside Junction, Sta. Scholastica Village
3 464 Dagsian, Gabriela Silang Sta. Scholastica Hillside
4 429 Camp 8, Kennon Road, Poliwes, San Vicente Extension
5 520 Agpaoa Drive, Homestead , Mary Mount Subdivision , Milo Compound, Pine Drive , San Vicente, Sarok, , Woodsville Subdivision
6 2364 Amistad Road, Amparo Heights, Bakakeng Ramsey, Bakakeng Sur, Binay-an Compound, Carantes Compound, Crest Wood Court , Eagle Crest, Forest Gold Bakakeng, Kalinga Pelota Court, King’s Court, Lexber Heights, Maryheights Subdivision, Montecillo Road, Parisas Street, Petersville Subdivision, Pias, Quisumbing Compound, RFCBI Compound, Tetep-an Village, Upper & Lower East Kennon Road, Upper & Lower West Kennon Road, White Pine Street, Woodsgate Subdivision, Youngland
7 1398 Loakan – Cuilan Compound, Curidao Hills, Demo Mines Road, Demonstration Road, Liwanag Subdivision, Loakan Airport (Access) Road, Loakan Proper , Manga Road, Maryhills, Mount Breeze Town Homes, Ongasan, PidawanPurok Pongian, , Woodlane Court
8 564 Kias
9 361 CICM Road Bakakeng Road , Ciudad Grande
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 206 Delos Reyes St. Villamor St., Leonardwood Road, Lualhati, Lucnab, Maryhurst Road Outlook Drive
2 85 BCC , Baguio Country Club Village
3 262 Lower Cabinet Hill, Teacher’s Camp
5 295 Cabinet Hill
6 103 Kneedler St., Paterno St., Singian St. ,South Drive, Tavera St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 277 Claro M. Recto, Leonardwood Road, Navy Base (Everlasting St., Calla Lily Drive), Polofield (Everlasting, Morning Glory, Sunflower St.)
2 222 Claro M. Recto St., Navy Base, Navy Base Road Extension, St. Joseph Village
3 409 Ambuclao Road, Maria Basa St., Regidor St., Siapno Road,
4 293 Amsing Road, Liteng, Pacdal, Siapno, St Joseph Village
5 473 Gibraltar Road, Pacdal Circle, Wright Park
6 219 Arellano St., Baltazar St, Julian Felipe St., Mines View (Modesta, Torres, Apostol), Pucsusan North Outlook Drive ,Tuding Road
7 23 Monterrazas Subdivision
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 293 Holy Ghost Extension
2 134 Brent Road, General Luna Road, Laubach Road, Yangco St.
3 133 Laurel St., Sumulong St., General Luna Road, Bonifacio St.
4 214 Holy Ghost Hill, Holy Ghost Proper, Sumulong St., Upper Bonifacio St.
5 121 Cathedral Loop, General Luna Road, Honeymoon Road, Upper Bonifacio St.
6 319 Holy Ghost, Honeymoon
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 62 Abanao Extension, Carino St., Chuntug St., Lake Drive , Orchidarium Burnham Park, Otek St.
2 49 Abanao St., Chanum St., Otek St., Perfecto St., , Rizal Park
3 103 Bukaneg Road, Legarda Road, Marcos Highway
4 99 Gen. V. Lim St., Kisad Road, M.H. Del Pilar St.
5 226 Government Center, Military Cut Off, Session Road Extention – UP Drive
6 193 Barangay BGH
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 140 Marcos Highway, Phil- Am Compound, Upper Balsigan
2 554 Balsigan, Marcos Highway, San Vicente
3 592 Bakakeng Central, Bakakeng Norte, Imelda Barangay, Justice Village, Kitma Road, Marcos Highway, Pucay Village, Yang Subdivision,
4 610 Bakakeng Norte, Green Summerville Subdivision, SLU-SVP Bakakeng, Old Site Bakakeng Richview Square Subdivision
5 790 Bakakeng Norte, SLU-SVP New Site, Zarate Subdivision
6 1653 Atab Sto. Tomas, Bengao Road Bakakeng Central, Crystal Cave, Crystal Dale Subdivision, Poblacion Tuba, PNB Ville, Sto. Nino Road Bakakeng Central, Suello Village, Teacher’s Village, Tuba Marcos Highway,
7 1263 Adiwang, Balacbac Sto. Tomas, Dontogan, Green Valley, KM 8 Sto. Tomas,
8 58 Apugan, Pula, Saddle Sto. Tomas, Sto. Tomas Central
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 324 Chapiz Village, North Marcos Highway, North Sto. Tomas, Sto. Rosario Valley
2 219 Gladiola Upper QM, Happy Homes Campo Sioco, Happy Homes Ferdinand Barangay, Nevada Road, Palispis Highway Imelda, Palispis Highway Ferdinand, Sienna Hill Imelda Barangay, Sto. Rosario Valley,
3 313 Lower QM (Blue, Pink and Yellow St.), Upper QM Subdivision
4 247 Upper QM (Camelia, Dama de Noche, Dahlia, Everlasting, Gladiola, Magnolia St.)
5 170 Lower QM (Bright, Brown, Dr. Carino, Everlasting , Red Alley)
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 142 Upper Rock Quarry
2 174 Lower Lourdes Subdivision, Middle Rock Quarry
3 228 City Camp Lagoon, Lower Rock Quarry
4 280 City Camp Central, City Camp Proper
5 177 City Camp Alley, City Camp Proper, Interior Rock Quarry, J. Felipe St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 117 Kayang Extension, Palma St. – 1st Road, Urbano St., Yandoc St.
2 176 Palma St.- 2nd Road, Pinpin St., MRR, Queen of Peace Road
3 167 Campo Filipino, Labsan St., MRR Subdivision, Naguilian Road, Queen of Peace
4 232 Hamada Subdivision, Lourdes Subdivision Extension, Mystical Rose, Naguilian Road, Queen of Peace
5 202 Dominican Road, Lourdes Subdivision, Morning Star, Queen of Angels, Queen of Apostles
6 415 Naguilian Road, San Luis, San Roque Village, Shangrila Village, Spring Subdivision , Springville
7 458 Dominican Extension, Dominican Hill, Malaya Road Mirador Hill
8 903 Celestial Village, Green Mansion, Irisan (KM 2, 3 and 4), JM Domiguez Subdivision, San Luis Village, Sunflower Subdivision, Villa Rivera
9 21 Green Wood Subdivision
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 271 City Market, Kayang Hilltop, Magsaysay Ave., Upper Market, Zamora St.
2 24 Dagohoy St., General Luna Road, Kalantiao St., Lakandula St., Rajah Soliman St.,
4 60 Urduja St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 74 Magsaysay Ave., Tabora Park T. Alonzo St.,
2 100 Health Center Compound ,T. Alonzo St.
3 160 Caguioa Roa, New Lucban
4 236 Bonifacio St., New Lucban Extension, Rimando Road,
5 188 Interior New Lucban, Private Road New Lucban
6 65 Lower Bonifacio Street, New Lucban, T. Alonzo St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 221 Slaughter House Compound
2 34 Private Road Magsaysay Avenue
3 170 Bokawkan Road, Padre Zamora St., Magsaysay Ave., Upper P. Burgos St.
4 169 Bokawkan Road, Camp Allen, City Hall, John Bee Subdivision, Lower P. Burgos St., Magsaysay Ave.
5 142 Camdas/M. Roxas Turning Point, Happy Homes – Magsaysay, Sanitary Camp Interior
6 54 Magsaysay Ave., Private Road Magsaysay
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 258 Magsaysay, Trancoville
2 111 Fil- Chinese Community, Tabora Barangay, Trancoville,
3 194 Quisumbing, Trancoville
4 203 Holyghost Extension, Corner Rimando Road M. Roxas St. Brookside
5 239 M. Roxas St. Brookside
6 235 Sanitary Camp, Yap St.
7 306 Brentwood,Imelda Village, Teacher’s Camp
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 122 P. Guevarra St., Upper Brookside
2 244 Modern Site, T. Bugallon St.,
3 278 Ledesma St.
4 203 Malvar St., Don Bosco, M. Roxas –Trancoville, Quisumbing St.
5 255 Malvar St., Quisumbing, Rimando Road, Sgt. Floresca St.
6 363 Lopez-Jaena St., Malvar, San Anotnio Village, Yap St. South Sanitary Camp
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 190 Bayan Park, Gen. De Jesus St., Ledesma St., North and South Central Aurora Hill, , Upper Rimando Road
2 409 Brookspoint, East Bayan Park, Evangelista St., South Central Aurora Hill
3 386 Ambiong Road, Busol, East Bayan Park
4 279 Bayan Park, Evangelista, Fatima St., Lopez Jaena , San Antonio Village
5 406 Evangelista St., Leonilla Hill, Parapad North Sanitary Camp
6 265 Lower/Upper Rimando Road ( Honeymoon Road extension, Interior Rimando), Ledesma St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 88 Abanao St., Kayang St., Zandueta St.
2 99 Kayang St., Kayang Hilltop, Lower Camp Allen
3 566 Camp Allen, Kayang Extension, Labsan St.,Naguilian Road, Upper P. Burgos/Zamora, Upper Market Compound
4 227 Avelino St., Brower, Naguilian Road, Rainbow Hills, Roman Ayson Road, Trinity Hills, Upper Ferguson Road, Upper Fairview
5 182 Brower Road, Naguilian Road, Roman Ayson Road, Sepic Road, Sixto Gaerlan St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 491 Central Fairview ,Golden Shower St., Ponce St., Quezon Hill – 1st Road, Upper Fairview
2 220 Paraan St., Quezon Hill – 2nd Road, Sofia De Vera St., Victoria Village
3 99 Ferguson Road, Leonora Rivera St.
4 339 Middle Quezon Hill, Upper Quezon Hill
5 798 Chrome St. Upper Quezon Hill, Pinsao Proper, Tacay Road Extention, Tam-awan
6 201 Easter Road, BPI Compound, Cresencia Village, Manzanillo Subdivision, Richwood Square, Upper Bokawkan Road
7 72 Dangwa St., Ferguson Road, Gen. De Jesus St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 231 Badihoy, Ferguson Road, Guisad Surong
2 754 Lower Ferguson Road, Maligcong, Pinsao Pilot Project, Pucay Road, Riverside Central, Tacay Road, Tacay-Pinsao, Zarate Village
3 265 Adarna St., Aguila St., Kalapati St., Kanaryu St., Loro St., Maya St. Dizon Subdivision
4 126 Camdas Subdivision
5 465 Central Guisad (Riverside), Easter Hills, Pinget
6 498 Quirino Hill
7 394 Upper Pinget (Purok 7,8,9,10,11 and 12)
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 388 Pinesville Subdivision
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
1 218 Purok 1,2,3 Irisan: Blist Getcha, La Chesa, Mang-os Road, Tadiangan, Tuba
2 179 Purok 4,5,6,7 Irisan: Alemar’s Compound, Apugan Conon Road, Luna St., Postal Ville Osio Road
3 37 Purok 8,9,10 Irisan: Balenben Road Apugan, Calatan
4 526 Purok 13, 14 Irisan: Cypress Point, Marville Homes, UP Village, Muslim Village
5 286 Purok 15,16,17 Irisan: Agro, Balboa, Dumpsite, St. Joseph Village
6 173 Purok 18,19 Irisan: Bermuda Hills Subdivision, Naguilian Road San Luis Extention, Saguid Road,
7 142 Purok 12,13,15 Asin: Apugan, Balboa, Bayoya Hills, Cypress
8 1470 Purok 23,24,25,26,27 Irisan: Add Road, Cordillera Road, Idogan Village, Lam-en Village, Police Village, Saint Anthony St., Saint Dominic St., Saint Patrick Subdivision, San Carlos Heights, Sto. Nino St., Sariling Sikap
9 638 Purok 6,7,8 Asin: Callantas Alley, Circumferential Road, Maulberry Alley, Munoz Drive, Pacday Quinio, Saguid Road, San Luis Extension, Smith Drive Asin
Total Active Connections 40,406