*AS OF August 31, 2022

BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
011 38 Carantes Street, Diego Silang Street, Lower Session Road
012 20 Calderon Street, Harrison Road
013 29 General Luna ,Jacinto St., Perfecto St.
014 24 General Luna Road, Upper Mabini St.
015 53 Assumption Road, Session Road (Right), Upper Mabini St.
016 102 Athletic Bowl, Burnham Park, Diego Silang St., Harrison Road ,Governor Pack Road, Session Road, Session Road (Left), Skating Rink
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
021 193 DPS Compound, Upper Session Road Extension
022 174 Marcoville, PNR Compound, Utility Road
023 228 Forestry Compound, Lower Engineer’s Hill
024 283 North Drive, Upper Engineer’s Hill
025 175 Jungletown, Salud Mitra Barangay, Valenzuela St.
026 117 Bagumbayan St., Happy Glenn Loop, Leonardwood Road, Post Office Loop, Sandico St., Tecson St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
031 158 Green Water Village, Loakan Road, Military Cut Off, Wagner Road Woodstown
032 241 Hillside Junction, Sta. Scholastica Village
033 627 Dagsian, Gabriela Silang Sta. Scholastica Hillside
034 566 Camp 8, Kennon Road, Poliwes, San Vicente Extension
035 595 Agpaoa Drive, Homestead , Mary Mount Subdivision , Milo Compound, Pine Drive , San Vicente, Sarok, , Woodsville Subdivision
036 3036 Amistad Road, Amparo Heights, Bakakeng Ramsey, Bakakeng Sur, Binay-an Compound, Carantes Compound, Crest Wood Court , Eagle Crest, Forest Gold Bakakeng, Kalinga Pelota Court, King’s Court, Lexber Heights, Maryheights Subdivision, Montecillo Road, Parisas Street, Petersville Subdivision, Pias, Quisumbing Compound, RFCBI Compound, Tetep-an Village, Upper & Lower East Kennon Road, Upper & Lower West Kennon Road, White Pine Street, Woodsgate Subdivision, Youngland
037 1597 Loakan – Cuilan Compound, Curidao Hills, Demo Mines Road, Demonstration Road, Liwanag Subdivision, Loakan Airport (Access) Road, Loakan Proper , Manga Road, Maryhills, Mount Breeze Town Homes, Ongasan, Pidawan Purok Pongian, Woodlane Court
039 442 CICM Road Bakakeng Road , Ciudad Grande
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
041 265 Delos Reyes St. Villamor St., Leonardwood Road, Lualhati, Lucnab, Maryhurst Road, Outlook Drive
042 168 BCC , Baguio Country Club Village
043 288 Lower Cabinet Hill, Teacher’s Camp
045 333 Cabinet Hill
046 108 Kneedler St., Paterno St., Singian St. ,South Drive, Tavera St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
051 282 Claro M. Recto, Leonardwood Road, Navy Base (Everlasting St., Calla Lily Drive), Polofield (Everlasting, Morning Glory, Sunflower St.)
052 230 Claro M. Recto St., Navy Base, Navy Base Road Extension, St. Joseph Village
053 439 Ambuclao Road, Maria Basa St., Regidor St., Siapno Road,
054 338 Amsing Road, Liteng, Pacdal, Siapno, St Joseph Village
055 514 Gibraltar Road, Pacdal Circle, Wright Park
056 232 Arellano St., Baltazar St, Julian Felipe St., Mines View (Modesta, Torres, Apostol), Pucsusan North Outlook Drive ,Tuding Road
057 4 Monterrazas Subdivision
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
061 338 Holy Ghost Extension
062 141 Brent Road, General Luna Road, Laubach Road, Yangco St.
063 106 Laurel St., Sumulong St., General Luna Road, Bonifacio St.
064 226 Holy Ghost Hill, Holy Ghost Proper, Sumulong St., Upper Bonifacio St.
065 113 Cathedral Loop, General Luna Road, Honeymoon Road, Upper Bonifacio St.
066 346 Holy Ghost, Honeymoon
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
071 58 Abanao Extension, Carino St., Chuntug St., Lake Drive , Orchidarium Burnham Park, Otek St.
072 50 Abanao St., Chanum St., Otek St., Perfecto St., Rizal Park
073 105 Bukaneg Road, Legarda Road, Marcos Highway
074 81 Gen. V. Lim St., Kisad Road, M.H. Del Pilar St.
075 257 Government Center, Military Cut Off, Session Road Extention – UP Drive
076 212 Barangay BGH
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
081 133 Marcos Highway, Phil- Am Compound, Upper Balsigan
082 736 Balsigan, Marcos Highway, San Vicente
083 688 Bakakeng Central, Bakakeng Norte, Imelda Barangay, Justice Village, Kitma Road, Marcos Highway, Pucay Village, Yang Subdivision,
084 679 Bakakeng Norte, Green Summerville Subdivision, SLU-SVP Bakakeng, Old Site Bakakeng Richview Square Subdivision
085 863 Bakakeng Norte, SLU-SVP New Site, Zarate Subdivision
086 2119 Atab Sto. Tomas, Bengao Road Bakakeng Central, Crystal Cave, Crystal Dale Subdivision, Poblacion Tuba, PNB Ville, Sto. Nino Road Bakakeng Central, Suello Village, Teacher’s Village, Tuba Marcos Highway,
087 1734 Adiwang, Balacbac Sto. Tomas, Dontogan, Green Valley, KM 8 Sto. Tomas,
088 91 Apugan, Pula, Saddle Sto. Tomas, Sto. Tomas Central
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
091 359 Chapiz Village, North Marcos Highway, North Sto. Tomas, Sto. Rosario Valley
092 247 Gladiola Upper QM, Happy Homes Campo Sioco, Happy Homes Ferdinand Barangay, Nevada Road, Palispis Highway Imelda, Palispis Highway Ferdinand, Sienna Hill Imelda Barangay, Sto. Rosario Valley,
093 329 Lower QM (Blue, Pink and Yellow St.), Upper QM Subdivision
094 260 Upper QM (Camelia, Dama de Noche, Dahlia, Everlasting, Gladiola, Magnolia St.)
095 180 Lower QM (Bright, Brown, Dr. Carino, Everlasting , Red Alley)
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
101 144 Upper Rock Quarry
102 172 Lower Lourdes Subdivision, Middle Rock Quarry
103 279 City Camp Lagoon, Lower Rock Quarry
104 295 City Camp Central, City Camp Proper
105 190 City Camp Alley, City Camp Proper, Interior Rock Quarry, J. Felipe St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
111 105 Kayang Extension, Palma St. – 1st Road, Urbano St., Yandoc St.
112 195 Palma St.- 2nd Road, Pinpin St., MRR, Queen of Peace Road
113 173 Campo Filipino, Labsan St., MRR Subdivision, Naguilian Road, Queen of Peace
114 274 Hamada Subdivision, Lourdes Subdivision Extension, Mystical Rose, Naguilian Road, Queen of Peace
115 238 Dominican Road, Lourdes Subdivision, Morning Star, Queen of Angels, Queen of Apostles
116 442 Naguilian Road, San Luis, San Roque Village, Shangrila Village, Spring Subdivision , Springville
117 539 Dominican Extension, Dominican Hill, Malaya Road Mirador Hill
118 1263 Celestial Village, Green Mansion, Irisan (KM 2, 3 and 4), JM Domiguez Subdivision, San Luis Village, Sunflower Subdivision, Villa Rivera
119 27 Green Wood Subdivision
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
121 262 City Market, Kayang Hilltop, Magsaysay Ave., Upper Market, Zamora St.
122 22 Dagohoy St., General Luna Road, Kalantiao St., Lakandula St., Rajah Soliman St.,
124 58 Urduja St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
131 78 Magsaysay Ave., Tabora Park T. Alonzo St.,
132 103 Health Center Compound ,T. Alonzo St.
133 163 Caguioa Roa, New Lucban
134 235 Bonifacio St., New Lucban Extension, Rimando Road,
135 184 Interior New Lucban, Private Road New Lucban
136 67 Lower Bonifacio Street, New Lucban, T. Alonzo St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
141 249 Slaughter House Compound
142 35 Private Road Magsaysay Avenue
143 193 Bokawkan Road, Padre Zamora St., Magsaysay Ave., Upper P. Burgos St.
144 184 Bokawkan Road, Camp Allen, City Hall, John Bee Subdivision, Lower P. Burgos St., Magsaysay Ave.
145 172 Camdas/M. Roxas Turning Point, Happy Homes – Magsaysay, Sanitary Camp Interior
146 52 Magsaysay Ave., Private Road Magsaysay
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
151 254 Magsaysay, Trancoville
152 112 Fil- Chinese Community, Tabora Barangay, Trancoville,
153 186 Quisumbing, Trancoville
154 199 Holyghost Extension, Corner Rimando Road M. Roxas St. Brookside
155 239 M. Roxas St. Brookside
156 229 Sanitary Camp, Yap St.
157 309 Brentwood,Imelda Village, Teacher’s Camp
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
161 113 P. Guevarra St., Upper Brookside
162 202 Modern Site, T. Bugallon St.,
163 332 Ledesma St.
164 216 Malvar St., Don Bosco, M. Roxas –Trancoville, Quisumbing St.
165 252 Malvar St., Quisumbing, Rimando Road, Sgt. Floresca St.
166 378 Lopez-Jaena St., Malvar, San Anotnio Village, Yap St. South Sanitary Camp
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
171 192 Bayan Park, Gen. De Jesus St., Ledesma St., North and South Central Aurora Hill, , Upper Rimando Road
172 434 Brookspoint, East Bayan Park, Evangelista St., South Central Aurora Hill
173 421 Ambiong Road, Busol, East Bayan Park
174 311 Bayan Park, Evangelista, Fatima St., Lopez Jaena , San Antonio Village
175 437 Evangelista St., Leonilla Hill, Parapad North Sanitary Camp
176 258 Lower/Upper Rimando Road ( Honeymoon Road extension, Interior Rimando), Ledesma St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
181 93 Abanao St., Kayang St., Zandueta St.
182 105 Kayang St., Kayang Hilltop, Lower Camp Allen
183 589 Camp Allen, Kayang Extension, Labsan St.,Naguilian Road, Upper P. Burgos/Zamora, Upper Market Compound
184 261 Avelino St., Brower, Naguilian Road, Rainbow Hills, Roman Ayson Road, Trinity Hills, Upper Ferguson Road, Upper Fairview
185 185 Brower Road, Naguilian Road, Roman Ayson Road, Sepic Road, Sixto Gaerlan St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
191 557 Central Fairview ,Golden Shower St., Ponce St., Quezon Hill – 1st Road, Upper Fairview
192 226 Paraan St., Quezon Hill – 2nd Road, Sofia De Vera St., Victoria Village
193 109 Ferguson Road, Leonora Rivera St.
194 418 Middle Quezon Hill, Upper Quezon Hill
195 1112 Chrome St. Upper Quezon Hill, Pinsao Proper, Tacay Road Extention, Tam-awan
196 242 Easter Road, BPI Compound, Cresencia Village, Manzanillo Subdivision, Richwood Square, Upper Bokawkan Road
197 70 Dangwa St., Ferguson Road, Gen. De Jesus St.
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
201 240 Badihoy, Ferguson Road, Guisad Surong
202 828 Lower Ferguson Road, Maligcong, Pinsao Pilot Project, Pucay Road, Riverside Central, Tacay Road, Tacay-Pinsao, Zarate Village
203 271 Adarna St., Aguila St., Kalapati St., Kanaryu St., Loro St., Maya St. Dizon Subdivision
204 134 Camdas Subdivision
205 531 Central Guisad (Riverside), Easter Hills, Pinget
206 567 Quirino Hill
207 472 Upper Pinget (Purok 7,8,9,10,11 and 12)
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
211 381 Pinesville Subdivision
BOOK No. of Active Service Connection Areas Covered
221 285 Purok 1,2,3 Irisan: Blist Getcha, La Chesa, Mang-os Road, Tadiangan, Tuba
222 272 Purok 4,5,6,7 Irisan: Alemar’s Compound, Apugan Conon Road, Luna St., Postal Ville Osio Road
223 64 Purok 8,9,10 Irisan: Balenben Road Apugan, Calatan
224 701 Purok 13, 14 Irisan: Cypress Point, Marville Homes, UP Village, Muslim Village
225 407 Purok 15,16,17 Irisan: Agro, Balboa, Dumpsite, St. Joseph Village
226 265 Purok 18,19 Irisan: Bermuda Hills Subdivision, Naguilian Road San Luis Extention, Saguid Road,
227 204 Purok 12,13,15 Asin: Apugan, Balboa, Bayoya Hills, Cypress
228 1850 Purok 23,24,25,26,27 Irisan: Add Road, Cordillera Road, Idogan Village, Lam-en Village, Police Village, Saint Anthony St., Saint Dominic St., Saint Patrick Subdivision, San Carlos Heights, Sto. Nino St., Sariling Sikap
229 823 Purok 6,7,8 Asin: Callantas Alley, Circumferential Road, Maulberry Alley, Munoz Drive, Pacday Quinio, Saguid Road, San Luis Extension, Smith Drive Asin
Total Active Connections 46,079