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You may contact us at these numbers:

Administrative Division 444-7246(Telefax)
Billing Section 442-4008
Board of Directors/Legal 444-7245(Telefax)
Commercial Division 442-6539
CRO Technical/Complaints Section 442-3218
0908-865-1504 (SMART)
0922-840-9765 (SUN)
0917-679-4929 (GLOBE)
EDP Section 422-3066
Engineering Division 442-4228
Finance Division 422-5978
GM's Office 442-3456(Telefax)
Internal Audit 444-5364(Telefax)
Military Cut-off Laboratory 442-4940
Non-Revenue Water Division 442-5879
Purchasing Section 442-4858(Telefax)
Warehouse 442-6463


You may email us at:

 or you may visit us at

No. 003 Utility Road, Brgy. Marcoville, Baguio City

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