BWD Anniversary Prayer
Father in heaven, as we celebrate in our own little ways the 45th founding anniversary of the Baguio Water District, we call upon you to please continue to guide us:
in weaving the way for us to be better as an organization and as public servants;
in continuing to serve for your greater glory and;
in recognizing that you are the divine provider of all things;

Our so-called normal lives have been disrupted and we were all at a loss at the start of the pandemic but we know very well that with You, there is nothing difficult to overcome. This pandemic has brought us many realizations and it was short of You, Lord, telling us to slow down, to inhale, to reflect and to believe. Precious lives were lost,, many have suffered, vulnerable lives have been threatened, many have wept and many are grieving. We do not only hurt for ourselves, but we hurt more for our neighbors, for all the people suffering, for all the people uncertain of what is to come next. It is in these trying times that prayer was not a last resort, it was our first resort because we know that You are the great healer and You are the God who does not abandon.

Help us Lord to accept the new normal. May we find innovative ways to come together in faith and solidarity in Your faithful presence. May we always be grateful to You in everything:

When we are inconvenienced, may we remember those whose lives are at stake;

When we have the privilege of working from home, may we remember those who choose between preserving their health or earning their living.

When we work at the comforts of our home, may we remember those who do not have work or were forced to be laid off.

When we have to cancel a trip, may we remember those who have no place to go.

When we care for our children at home because schools have closed, may we remember those who could not bring their children to school at all.

When we are healthy and not at any health risk at all, may we remember our sick brothers and sisters.

And when we have to quarantine at home, may we remember those who have no home.

In place of our anxieties Lord, please grant us Your peace. We also ask You to please heal the BWD, from its financial uncertainties, from its technical worries, from its employees’ complacency and from external aggression.

These we pray in the mighty name of Jesus, our healer, our good Lord. Amen.